Friday, February 9, 2018

Modern parenting battles: Teaching your toddlers about others touching their body

As parents, we always hope that nothing wrong happens to our kids. But that's a real gamble in the big bad world that we live in. As times are getting tougher to deal with, safety is a huge concern for each and every person. While we are supposedly progressing, the reality is more like the scene in a huge jungle. Each one of us is just a prey to another. Imagine, someone is always waiting to pounce on you. Scary it is! But that's how vulnerable we are. And then there is another species that walks among us. They target the most innocent and easy to attack- the young toddlers who can neither understand that they have been molested, nor clearly communicate it to their parents.

We are responsible to educate our toddlers about this. It's never too soon to help them understand that nobody is supposed to touch their private parts except for those who are really supposed to. It isn't wise to wait until the kids grow up. So yes, as soon as your child starts talking, please start teaching them about this. Now, the big question is what exactly to teach them and how!

There are 3 things that mainly need to be taught to the little ones-
1) Who all are authorized to touch them for cleaning their private parts,
2) What should they do if someone else tries to touch them, and most importantly,
3) They should be able to inform you that someone tried to touch them.

How to teach them this can be really simple. Whenever you clean your toddler down there, whether it's bath time or loo/poop time, start teaching them not to touch their private parts. Tell them that only mom is supposed to touch you here to clean you. You can gradually add the names of other people like dad, grandparent(s), nanny/maid who actually clean them. Try to keep this list as short as possible so as to avoid confusing your child. It may take a couple of days for your child to understand this but keep repeating this sentence time and again to reinforce the thought. Once the child starts understanding it, ask her/him to list the people. Keep correcting the child until the list is perfect.

Once they are thorough with the list, teach them that if anyone else tries to touch them then they should say "no" or "stop". Repeat this to reinforce the thought and also question them to check. Then try and ask what should be told to to see if the child has understood this step.

And finally, once they absorb these two things, tell them that they should inform you when someone tries to touch them. It is very important that they shouldn't be scared to inform you when something wrong happens to them. Most predators scare the victims of consequences while doing wrong to them. The saddest part is children are most scared of being punished by their parents while mentioning anything to them. They are too small to differentiate between being a victim and being naughty. Unless you are aware of someone eyeing your little one with malicious intentions, prevention of an incident will be difficult.

Never ignore your child's statements concerning such things. Never react in the heat of the moment. Most children make up stories for their imaginations get wings sooner or later. Try to verify their statements by patiently cross-questioning them about the same incident. If you figure out that the story is just an imagination, gently dissuade the child to say such things unless something has really happened. You don't want so many false alarms that you stop taking the child seriously when something might be really noteworthy. 

Lastly, although we always try to make sure that the child is in our view at all times, it is very obvious that one cannot be completely vigilant at all times. At such moments, we end up resorting to our families and extended families also at times. However, it's mostly these insiders who try and take advantage of an opportunity. So before relying on anyone, please ensure that you keep a check intermittently so as to avoid any untoward incident.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Modern parenting battles: Choosing the right diapers for your baby

Sadly and unfortunately, diapers have become synonymous with chemical-filled packets of plastic which provide momentary comfort of usage while causing long-lasting damages to the baby’s health and the environment.

As parents, we always strive to give the best to our children even if it means compromising on our own needs. The high popularity of extravagantly expensive disposable diapers across all strata of society is a live example of this fact. It is also commonly seen that modern parents are shamed by the elders for using diapers for their own comfort. The hassle of washing the clothes is nothing as compared to the discomfort a baby feels in the wet nappies. And in order to ensure a happy diapering experience and a good sleep without feeling wetness, parents go that extra mile to spend on these so-called “comfortable” diapers for their babies.

What parents are ignorant about is how the diapers are capable of providing the comfort that they do. The pee of the child is converted from liquid to gel by use of strong chemicals. These chemicals are really harsh on the baby’s sensitive skin. Moreover, to ensure that there are no leakages, these diapers are covered in plastic which doesn’t allow the baby’s skin to breathe any fresh air. What it results into is nothing different from the gas chambers that Hitler suffocated the innocent people in. And here what’s suffocating is the sensitive skin in the genital areas of your precious little baby. Some of them retaliate by showing rashes, to which the most common answer is another layer of chemicals in the form of diaper rash creams. Obviously all parents mean well for their children but genuinely lack the knowledge about the effects of these diapers.

Apart from the immediate effects like rashes, there are even more long-term concerns that one must know. The traumatic affair with chemicals could cause severe consequences like cancer, infertility, etc. The harm to the environment should also be taken into consideration. These disposable diapers are non-biodegradable and are estimated to pollute the landfills for centuries, say 500-700 years before getting wiped off from the face of our Mother Earth. And while they are still here, they continue to pollute the soil, air and even water. This essentially means that the environment that we provide to / leave behind for our kids is going to be nothing less than toxic. The air that they breathe, the water that they drink and use, the soil where their food grows, will all have heavy traces of chemicals.

So what is the solution to this grave problem? Our ancestors have been using the goodness of cloth nappies for babies since centuries. But they do not fulfill the requirements of modern comfort, for both- parents and babies.

Bums Up Baby Cloth Diapers is an initiative taken by moms who chose to find and share a simple-yet-powerful solution to this issue. They have developed cloth diapers that fulfill the modern comfort requirements without exposing your babies to even an iota of chemicals.

Bums Up Baby Cloth Diapers are made with a thoughtful combination of premium quality fabrics. They mainly consist of 100% Unbleached Organic Cotton. 10 layers of this natural and highly absorbent fabric provides these diapers with powerful absorbent capacity. The structure of these All-in-one diapers is such that the layers are divided amongst the main body and two-sewn-in flaps. This helps the diapers dry quickly after each wash. There is no hassle of attaching or detaching the flaps for using/washing. One of the 2 flaps is topped with a layer of micro-fleece fabric which can be used in case you wish to provide the stay-dry feel on the baby’s skin. This versatility is hassle-free and an important feature of these diapers. The outer layers of the diaper consist of polyester cloth and laminated cloth which prevent the liquid from flowing out while allowing the skin to breathe. What’s even better is that diapers can be used for babies right from their infant stage until they are toilet trained in their toddler years. The massive scope of size settings makes it possible for the diaper to grow with your baby. Once your baby is out of diapers, you can pass on the diapers to your next baby or sell or donate them. The diapers and accessories are designed and manufactured in India and are packed in cloth bags that are made by underprivileged women.

So the solution to providing a chemical-free and comfortable diapering experience is right here. Are we ready to take the plunge? The wisdom lies in putting your knowledge into action. For those who already use disposable diapers, it might seem like a huge step to change the lifestyle. But it really is a mental block which almost everyone faced before taking this huge step towards a win-win choice. But once you do it, there’s no looking back. Join the revolution and be the change you wish to see.

“Why move to Mars when we can make Earth a better place to live?” ~ Nidhi Bagdia

P.S.: Bums Up Baby Cloth Diapers are one of a kind modern cloth diapers. All their product designs, structures, concepts and prints are proprietary. They are the only company that has All-in-One modern cloth diapers manufactured in India. There are a lot of other modern cloth diapers available in India. Most of them are imported from either USA or China. While those from USA are usually excellent in quality, they are quite expensive. Those from China are cheaper, with cheap quality material as well, and are rightly called “China Cheapies”. Bums Up Baby Cloth Diapers are an attempt to provide the excellent quality of premium fabrics at pocket-friendly rates. While their quality is excellent, their rates are not as high as the American brands since they are made right here in India. Don’t fall prey to the cheap qualities or exorbitant prices. Choose your diapers wisely.

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