Sunday, October 12, 2008

Your Goodbye!

As you take off to fly high in the sky,
And you bid me a sweet good-bye,
On both our faces we have smiles,
You’ll fly so high, so many miles.

I’m so glad; your dreams came true,
All your efforts have got you through!
You’ve lived for this; you’d die for it,
Of this success, you deserve every bit!

So far, so good; all is better said than done,
You’ve gone away from me, and it’s no fun!
No doubts you’ve achieved your goal,
But my life seems to be in a black-hole!

I feel the cool breeze go cold-hearted,
Getting too strong to be pleasant,
It’s turning wild and hurting me,
As if the skies are punishing me.

I am in a dilemma; happy as well as sad,
I’m unable to decide- is it good or bad?
You’ve got the right path, which you must follow,
I know it for a fact, but my heart feels hollow!

You had to go, and now you’re gone,
But I’m still here, and I’m all alone,
You know how strongly I love you,
And so how much I’ll miss you.

And from the high skies, on this earth when you dive,
After coming back, I hope you find me alive,
Tired of the pain, my soul needs some rest,
But for all your endeavours, I wish you ‘All the Best’.

[Composed by Me (“Nidhi Bagdia”) on 12th October, 2008 (12.10.08)]


  1. "Cute"
    this is d word tat glowed brighter inside ma head:P when i read this poem...though u ve written abt painful feelings.. d way u ve expressed is cute..mmm smtimes i feel d word cute shouldnt ve been used coz its smthin sentimental n painful...but in my view its all sweet i find it cute...
    keep all ur love in stock once when he returns deliver it.....i kno it ll be painful to carry the stock but still its a sweet pain....

  2. hmmm... another encouraging comment for me... thanks so much :)
    And again a different way of interpreting my words... i appreciate :)
    N yeah, i'll keep your suggestion in my mind and use it if needed anytime... for now, it's all jus hypothetical :)

  3. What a composition Nidhi....hmm...
    a perfect synchronization of feeling and's Master Piece....keep up....keep smilling :)

  4. Hey Thanks ya... Thats a great compliment :) I jus hope i'm able to keep writin more poems of a kind that deserve compliments... N hey, bout smiling-- i'm sure, i'll always keep smiling :) :) :)

    n again dis poem is very close to my heart as well :)

  5. What a composition........... love this one....i bet every1 can associate this peice of art with their own lives.. keep the good work

  6. Thanks Vipul... Sure i'll try my best :)