Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Butterfly!

I’ve got many colours which attracted you,
And then we became friends - brand new.
You still admired my colours and all my ways,
Our friendship got better, as passed more days.

We were great friends but that wouldn’t suffice,
We felt, getting closer would be a better choice.
All the unexpressed love started surfacing,
And all the friendship - secretly spoiling.

Being in love was a beautiful feeling,
As if - to love, Heavens were appealing.
With time, we became great lovers,
And you still loved all my colours!

Every new relationship has a new charm,
It’s only later that you realise the harm.
Within some time, this charm fades,
And the relationship changes its shades.

With time, as the relationship grows,
The jar of expectations overflows!
This is where every problem’s root lies,
Problems aren’t showered by the skies!

Now you wish to change all my colours and ways,
Has all that love and attraction faded away in days?
You wish to change me, to fulfil each of your expectation,
And where was this thought, while all that admiration?

I respect all your love and affection,
I also understand your feelings of possession.
I can change myself to certain extents,
But not so much, that challenges my existence.

I need to spread my wings,
Don’t bind them with strings.
It burns my heart in fires,
When you crush my desires!

Don’t forget the fact that I’m a butterfly,
And though not too high, but I need to fly.
Along with you, I’ll laugh and cry,
But in the cage of your fist, I’ll die!

[Composed by Me (“Nidhi Bagdia”) on 30th November, 2008]


  1. This Butterfly will definitely go a long way with all it's colour and freedom intact....keep up Nidhi....

  2. Hey! That seems to be too assuring and promising to be real... I'm happy for the wishes though... Thanks for your support buddy! Thank you so much :)

  3. master piece from nidhi...hey i really admired this poem a lot...u ve beautifully pictured the transformation of friendship to love..i really enjoyed reading ur poem its one of the best i ve read.. i can feel the reality in ur poem..i love it..ill neva forget this poem...hey nidhi the words had done a took ma heart away...

  4. Thanks so much! Dun have many words to reply to such a beautiful comment! :)

  5. Hey Nida, by far your best creation yet! It encapsulates the transformation a friendship goes through, about which we have talked at length. Kudos and keep the good stuff coming :)

  6. Go2, its too late that i saw ur comment! thanks for d appreciation... i wish to write again.. i hope i do it soon!

  7. couldn't agree more, now that i'm trying to see things in a new light!!! the charm remains but only to be overshadowed by the leashes of control!!!

  8. Hmmm... Nice perspective :)
    Hope your new light keeps you enlightened and doesn't get over-powered by darkness to fade away!