Friday, October 9, 2009

Cloudy night sky...

Its been long since i was eager to spend some time of a night lying on a terrace and watching the sky! Thankfully, after a long week of hectic daily schedules, i convinced Archana to spend some time relaxing on the terrace of our hostel. Both of us climbed up around 2 a.m. last night. No, we weren't just the two of us! We had a lot of addictives with us. She had her phone, i had my iPod, we had some delicious food which was freshly delivered. After hogging on to our late-night meal, we lay our tired bodies on a bed-sheet which we had spread on the terrace floor. She clung to her phone and i stuffed the ear-plugs listening to my favourite numbers. And finally, i started my much-awaited Sky-watching! The ambience was just perfect!! :)

The sky looked appealing, despite a complete cover of thick clouds. Various formations of moving clouds gave my imaginations some wings. Wild animals, fairies, cupid, God's eye, huge teddy bear... ah! an endless list- no exaggeration!! At times, the clouds let the sky be a bit visible and i could see tiny stars twinkling bright, until the clouds covered them again. Now, another addiction took over me- food for thought. I somehow start relating things to life, credit/blame the belief that everything happens for a reason and every little thing could have a deeply implied meaning.

The clouds hide the twinkling stars like a curtain. And yes, this curtain falls right in front of our eyes. Some times, clouds hide the stars so well that we forget that the sky is not made up of clouds! We forget about all the shining stars, we forget about the moon, all that we can see is the cluster of clouds. Yeah, its about the sky, but this happens in life too. A curtain falls before our eyes during various phases in life and we forget what life actually is. We start believing that life is all about the few things that we can see right in front of us.

The clouds of bad experiences make us forget about how much good life has in store for us. The clouds of temporary desires cover the permanently twinkling stars of greater virtues. False-friends cover our sight so well that we ignore our true-friends. A boy-friend/girl-friend proves a reason enough to lie to our families, or may be even rebel against them. A short-term cloud of attraction hides the stars of long-term committments. Clouds of immediate income overpower the planning for long-term benefits. The cluster of clouds of incidents while blaming each other makes us forget completely about the beautiful twinkling moments of love and understanding we have had with our loved ones.

Thick clusters of cloud cover our sight, but when the clouds move slowly- getting thinner, we get a slight glimpse of the stars and the brightly shining moon. Yes, the clouds are gone, now the sky is clear. And the moon has lit us up with a lot of realisations. Those realisations which enlighten our lives, probably, at least till the next cluster of clouds bring another phase of short-sightedness.

Realizing its 3 a.m., we rose up to return to our rooms and i couldn't fail to notice that we were completely moon-lit! What an hour of sky-watching!! :)


  1. Stupendous metaphor!! All of us do this at times, but the chasteness with which you have expressed this in words is incredible...
    You are becoming a better blogger everyday and more importantly a better person. Waiting for many more to come!

  2. last nite was supposed to be a fun nite for u girls...but look what it has turned into!!

    "A short-term CLOUD of ATTRACTION hides the STARS of long-term commitments"

    "And the moon has lit us up with a lot of realisations"

    these lines rock!!!

  3. Yeah, it was a "fun-nite"... this enlightenment was a bonus :)

  4. The way it has been written..stupendous work..excellent metaphors..and most importantly,i can feel the same cloudy night sky every time i read..beautiful yaar..!

  5. nice perception of connecting clouds with life per se..... we all want to look at the silver lining behind clouds but seldom do we realize that the night sky behind the clouds can be even more tumultuous!!!

  6. yeah.. there's always so much more than we know about life! :)

  7. U hav reminded me of something that was fading away in my memories. Its been a long time since I have tried to make out faces and animals hidden in the cloud shapes.
    The best part of this post is that it slowly builds up adding more curiosity to the reader. The more one reads, the more mesmerizing the experience gets. Wow! are you practicing for the booker?
    More eager for the upcoming posts. Don't make us fans wait for long ;)

  8. Yeah... we all did it wen we were kids... and then, life became too busy to relish these little joys :)
    I'm happy you liked it.. Well, practicing for the booker?? Not a bad idea! :)
    Sure dear fan, trying to write more asap!
    Thanks for the incredible comment! :)