Monday, September 28, 2009

Good Times Fly!

A class lecture or a meeting so boring,
That you almost doze off and start snoring!
You hope so much and wish hard for it to end,
But it seems the clock-needle, an inch wouldn't bend!

Every moment of pain and hurt,
Every second in emotional dirt,
Boredom, illness, struggles and blues,
When will they clear- all the hues?

The first kiss finishes as quickly as a sneeze,
No matter how you wish the time could freeze!
A walk while drizzles and holding hands,
Time escapes like those grains of sands!

A never-ending night while those horrifying night-mares,
Blood-shed, dead bodies, and riots in those shacks;
While all those sweet dreams with smiling glares,
And just before something good, Oops! Dawn cracks!!

Is it an attribute of time- this illusion,
Or is it Hope- the quintessential delusion?
No matter what ways, to hold them you try,
With all their force, Good Times will Fly!!

[Composed in a snoring-boring class lecture on 26th September 2009]


  1. Agreed in totality. Want more of those wonderful "College ke Din" moments. They pass on so quickly. Just then I realize, the more quicker they pass, the more of them I have. :)

  2. Thanks! Have some more stuff for "college ke din" moments... please wait :)

  3. Nice stuff "princess logics" ...!!!

    Your poetry is as "spontaneous" as "you"... I didn't find any other word to comment, keep going.. :)

  4. Thanks Gajju! That's a nice compliment and true in all senses!! :)