Friday, November 6, 2015

Little Birdie & Golden Cage!

"Just one leap I need. A leap of freedom",
Said the little bird, with all her wisdom

Wisdom that had gone down the drains
When she fell for the cage, ditching her brains

The cage that was made of gold and pearls
It was the secret desire of a dozen girls

Girls that were pretty and wanted to play
Thought that the cage was from dough of clay

Clay that can easily be molded with their fingers and wrist
"A cage is a cage, even if it's golden", was it a quest?

A quest that was hard to unveil and demystify?
Had they thought the world was easy to defy?

World that has so much hypocrisy and rage
That's exactly what was lying in the cage

The cage that shined and attracted the bird
Little did she know, she'll never get to say a word

Words of excitement which chirpily she sang
Disappeared into air, poisoned by the fang

Fangs of the snake that hid beyond the glitter
Poisoned the bird's life and made it bitter

Bitterness, with her personality, had now intertwined
It had become a part of her heart, brain and mind

Mind that was once an epitome of cheerfulness
Had now become a house of boredom and dullness

Dullness that had encroached the bird's shiny face
Happiness had vanished, without even a trace

Trace, wish she could, even a little of her wisdom
While hoping from the cage, her "leap of freedom!"

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  1. Most beautiful thing I have read!!! It is so perfectly expressed!!