Monday, January 25, 2016

Just Once.. Again!!

I look at my little baby, and want to be a baby again
I want to go back to the beautiful days of childhood again
I want to grow up just like the way I did, once again
I want to feel all the feelings I overlooked, yet again

I want to experience, how it was to enter the world
And even before that, when I floated in liquid gold
Could I really hear when my mother sang to me?
How did I react when she spoke to me?

I want to see how the world feels for the first time
I want to know how it felt to feed for the first time
The first touch of my father and grandparents
The first time when I recognize my parents

I really want to feel the first taste of solid food
And would I just reject it or find it perfectly good?
I want to go back to the first day of my school
Cry while leaving from home and then later be cool?

My first fancy dress competition, as a buttermilk vendor
The first time of piercing my ears, Oh! So tender!!
The first time ever when I took a test
The first time I felt that I was the best

I want to hear the elders say childhood is the best
And believe them this time and let my questions rest
I want to go again for the first trip of my life
And not care about being a mother or wife

The first school picnic in a garden near our own school
Was so much more exciting than a 5-star's infinity pool
A lunchbox given by mom with a chocolate for surprise
Participate in parents day and win my first prize!

That carefree sleep for long hours anywhere and anytime
Those restrictions like studying to earn TV time
I want to argue with my parents and again pick a fight
Despite knowing what they say, for me, is always right

I want to kiss my grandpa again and give him a tight hug
Once more before death snatches him like a thug
I want to believe again that the dead become stars
I want to live that life where only bodies get scars

When games that we played made us healthy
When friends were just friends, not poor or wealthy
When our fights were for toys and cardboard swords
And our weapons were not rude and hurtful words

I want to live that life of innocence once again
I want to radiate unconditional love yet again
I want that infinite happiness without a bargain
Gosh! I just want to live my childhood again!!

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