Monday, February 14, 2011

My Fallen Angel !!!

When you had fallen from the Heavens up there,
I certainly knew God had sent you for me here,
I rushed towards you to check if you were hurt,
But you sparkled, without even a speck of dirt!

When life seemed dark, your smile shone bright,
Even with those lost hopes, everything felt right,
I loved you so much, you were always on my mind,
It wouldn't be amiss to say your love made me blind.

You were shy, and I knew it was an angelic feature,
I admired you, Oh so much! My Heavenly Creature!!
You were my cute Angel, Fallen for me on this earth,
Only for me, Oh Cutie! You were granted this Birth!!

You brought me good luck, my only lucky charm,
I would keep you precious, never allow any harm.
I would save you from the witches' enchantment,
And keep you aloof from the bitches' entrapment!

If you were just a dream, I wanted it to end never,
And for that my love, I was ready to sleep forever,
Nightmares of losing you, made me find a way,
That would keep us together forever, my way!

I knew if you ever walked off leaving me deserted,
You'd come back to me sooner, my heart asserted,
For our love, with this world we could have fought,
Would it really happen or so I merely thought?

I would hold you so strong, never let you fall,
That descend from the Heavens, would be all.
But fallen you had once, and fell you again,
That one was a pleasure, and this one - pain.

I thought life was complete and love graven,
The day, for me, you had fallen from Heaven,
But to all my love, bringing shame and disgrace,
You, my beloved Angel, have fallen from grace!

I wouldn't loathe your presence, but continue your addiction,
Only if you hadn't lost your respect yourself in my conviction,
I'm glad you were just a charming dream that forever didn't last,
Not my mind's entirety, you deserve just a modest corner in my past!

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