Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A non-mysterious Murder...

He was a cool guy. Tall, dark and average looking. Not that he had many friends or that he was too popular or a ladies' man, but he had a few friends which were very close to him and he meant a lot to them. In short, he wasn't a socialite as such but wasn't a loner either. He had a respectable social stature. A very intellectual person. Excelled in most things he ventured into. Had vast knowledge, could be spoken with regarding any topic under the sun. Quite a fun loving person. A dependable confidante for most of his friends. He also had an excellent sense of humor. Quick-witted, sarcastic humor. He knew exactly what needs to be said to whom in what kind of situation. He was an exceptionally caring person for his friends and family. Very very closely attached with his family. An extremely affectionate person. A lover of good food. A true appreciator of all forms of art. Endeared by all his friends. Respected by them. He was looked up to by his friends and family when they needed any help, practically and emotionally. He had the capability to be objective and analyze situations in that light. He was a sensible and a sensitive person. He wasn't too brave or daring but at least loved the ideas of adventures. He never had the best of anything but knew how to make the most of whatever he had. And he was satisfied with his life. He believed he didn't have any problems with his life and was quite happy with his life on a whole. A dog-lover. Quite amusingly gifted to note details of things. He also had the gift of gab. Loved to gossip. Had the capability to make one feel comfortable and valued in his presence. He always voiced against the wrong and stood by it till the end. He fought for others. Down-to-earth. Enviably happy and content with his life. He was a man with self-respect. In one word, he was Awesome.

And then, he let a girl enter in to his life.

All the awesomeness walked out of his life. His obvious problem was Choice. He made the wrong choice. He let the wrong girl enter his life. Now he's treated much worse than one would ever treat a dog. He never gathered the courage to object her when she was wrong. He can’t fight even for himself. And she never realized it on her own. Now he has friends, but no freedom to be with them. He is too tied up fulfilling her whims and fancies. No more attached to his family. Has lost the appetite for happiness, probably even forgotten what happiness and contentment feel like. Hasn't had fun in ages and forgotten what smile and laughter are. Humor? Not in touch with that either. Now, there's only one word for his condition: Awful. Friends can’t help but pity his life. She is the murderer. But it was no back-stabbing. He chose it for himself. She murdered his awesomeness, and he let her.

True Story.


  1. The problem with choice is that it is subjective, what is right for you may be wrong for someone yes the problem is choice..but there is no Right or for THE ONE making the choice is always the Right one.

    Regarding awesomeness, it anyways fades out sooner or later.

  2. I wouldn't really agree with you most of d times bout workable philosophies of life for various kinds of people. In dis case, it is clear dat d choice has proved wrong for himself. He is d one who is suffering the most coz of it. He deeply mourns d end of his awesomeness n regrets he let it happen. N wen he Himself isn't even happy and admits it, does der even remain a scope for anybody to debate d rightness of his choice he made for HIMSELF?

  3. We've all made our choices. We're here to understand them.

  4. At some stage in life one tends to care more about the happiness of THE other PERSON rather than their own. May be this suffering has its own feeling, a feeling which in itself is complete.
    Awesomeness will come back.. I am sure... only a matter of time. and patience is a virtue not all possess.

  5. One thing, his awesomeness died. But he was still friends with his friends. We're not friends with someone just because he / she is awesome. I believe he's still the same minus his awesomeness.

  6. I guess we all love him equally... Lets hope for his Best! Amen :)