Monday, January 24, 2011

Eternal Retrospection!

I look into the mirror with my lips smiling
And I'm quite aware my mind has qualms piling
I move closer and peep into my own eyes
And suddenly my dazzling smile dies

Is my life as perfect as I had premeditated?
Or has it, on a wrong path, widely deviated?
Now my lips neither smile nor frown
And in this important thought, I drown

Did I move on to fulfilling dreams I had treasured?
Or by my own wrong choices, was I pressured?
I know that it isn't exactly as I had always wanted,
But with every wrong thing, it isn't even haunted!

Nothing is wrong, yet nothing is right!
In nothingness, with this world I fight!!

Is the delicate drape of my fancies torn
Because every rose comes with a thorn?
Are my desires too much to gain
That it takes bearing so much pain?

No, I'm not a coward; pain I don't fear!
But so much on my mind is still unclear!!
Is it the world that's really so rough?
Or is it my mind just playing tough?

I have seen everything has always had a reason,
Why do I still feel there's surely some treason?
Why can't I decide if it’s all good or very bad?
I don't even know whether I'm joyful or sad!

Nothing is wrong, yet nothing is right!
In nothingness, with Myself I fight!!


  1. Spoken my heart. Never found words to express and now I feel that never was for good :)

  2. :) i hav no words to reply to dat comment!

  3. really no words left to comment after reading such a touchy poetry!! :)