Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Everything Passes By!


The long summer days when you drench in sweat,
The pouring rainy evenings that make you all wet!

The cold nights that make you shiver,
The chills that make you quiver!

The stress at work that makes you mad,
The failures that make you feel bad!

The success that makes you brightly shine,
The bottles of champagne & glasses of wine!

The moments of anger, disgust and pain,
The times when you feel like all is in vain!

The tears you shed when reality bites,
The joy you feel on flying kites!

The speed of a super-fast life,
The sharpness of a brand-new knife!

The brightness of a shining light,
The glories of a brave Knight!

The smiles, laughter and little joys,
The innocence of those young boys!

The pride and joy of having power,
The sweetness of a fresh flower!

The strength of those tall pillars,
The ugly phase of caterpillars!

The carefree days of your childhood,
The taste of your favorite food!

The excitement of that first date,
The curiosity to know your fate!

The subtle pain of your wisdom tooth,
The long queue outside a telephone booth! 

The charm of that attractive smile,
The energy to run that extra mile!

The smell of your freshly painted house,
The adjustments with your new spouse!

The love for your new car,
The pain of a fresh scar!

The time when you badly miss your best friend,
The time when you wish that the hardships end!

The value of every breath,
And finally the fear of Death!!!

[Composed on 19.10.2010 and 20.10.2010]

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  1. Pleasantly surprised by seeing this side of you! You really write well. Loved it. So true, so beautiful :)