Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Changing Colours!

People change as seasons do,
Priorities and relationships too!
Sometimes green and sometimes blue,
How? Why? When? – You can never have a clue!

Buddies of good times forget each other,
Nobody even finds any time to bother
Out of sight becomes out of mind,
Every promise and memory is left behind.

An acquaintance becomes better than a friend,
A casual conversation seems to never end,
Whereas with an old friend you may sit silent,
Even this silence can hurt as if it is violent.

Relations of blood change their colours,
Most ships are sunk by their own sailors.
Each and every smile turns into a frown,
When own brothers fight for the crown!

Changed are all feelings and emotions,
And so are changed the love relations.
Greatest of lovers turn into strangers,
‘Red of love’ turns into ‘red of dangers’.

People change as seasons do,
Relationships- when reasons do!
There are hardly any controls in your range,
Not the world, only yourself you can change!

[Composed by Me (“Nidhi Bagdia”) on 31st December, 2008 (31.12.2008) ]


  1. "Relations of blood change their colors,

    Most ships are sunk by their own sailors"


    "People change as seasons do,

    Relationships- when reasons do

    i believe this sentences in ur lyrics are superb quotes ...perhaps i can use this as a status message in ma chat:P...only a person who experienced different varieties of spices and sugars in their life can write such a real lyrics that reflects reality of life...

  2. hmmm... lots of praises in a few words... an art in itself... thanks a million tonnes! :)

  3. True feelings of relation is been expressed.

  4. awe...wait for it....some.....couldn't find better words to express....
    It gives so deep meaning....that too in such a rhythm tone...
    one of the best i have ever read...

  5. There is so much depth and feeling in your writing..It's really touching..Read it so many times, each time it teaches me a new meaning of relationship..!!! Simply GREAT !!