Sunday, September 27, 2009

Basking in One's Own Glory...

We all may have experienced this... When we dress up for an event, we keep gazing in the mirror for a few prolonged moments, simply glaring at our own-selves! When we paint a colourful picture or write a beautiful blog, we admire it for a few moments, just keep looking at it and smiling!! Someone else may not even find it worth a glance, but we profoundly love it.

Some may call it self-admiration, although most may not even notice or realize about these small moments of basking in their own glory. These are those few moments when we sub-consciously devote ourselves to appreciating our own efforts, silently.

Most of the times, in our busy lives, we barely find time for ourselves. We keep drafting reports on reports, we keep rushing for classes and meetings, we keep generating solutions on solutions. Our busy schedules hardly give us time to grow fond of such little things. Do we really find a moment to praise ourselves for the neatly-presented well-formatted report or smartly-dressed presentable self or a user-friendly well-working solution? Isn't all this worth an appreciation??

You may disagree, saying that people at the receiving end are the ones who are supposed to appreciate your efforts. Well, I agree; they sure are! But what do you do if they don't like it enough to praise you? Don't you deserve a cookie for your efforts? You have every right to find those little joys in life. May be its not wrong to look up to others, but its certainly not right to ignore your own moments of glory!

[Based on a tiny discussion with Gautam; Written on 25th September, 2009]