Sunday, September 27, 2009

A moment of Satisfaction...

Yesterday when I stepped out of my campus gate for an evening snack, a decent-looking poor middle-aged man walked up to me and said "Namastey Madam" [Namastey: Indian way of greeting someone with respect]. I wondered what was going on, because all I could slightly remember was the face was familiar, may be! I took another glance at him, he stood still smiling at me hoping I would recognize him. Damn, my selective memory loss! Obviously he sensed i couldn't re-collect his identity so he tried to re-introduce himself while i started remembering who he was.

For a few days during my previous semester, this man used to stand outside the campus gate as a tea-hawker. And a chatter-box that I am, seeing that he looked decent and hard-working, I used to chit-chat a bit with him with all the inquisitiveness that i had about his little hawking business. He was here to thank me for advising him to sell lime-water instead of tea since the summers had started. His face glowed while naratting how fruitful his business was all summers. He took pride in informing me that he sells guavas now, since its rainy season. Again, he thanked me for giving him this piece of idea about selling things as per seasonal demands. And then i took his leave wishing him good luck for his future.

A sense of satisfaction filled my mind with serenity after a hectic day of lectures and submissions. And a broad smile appeared on my face while i thought:
I don't know how many important solutions I will provide in the corporate world as an MBA, but I'm already sure I've changed one life. If it weren't me, it could've been someone else who could've given him this idea, but I'm glad it was ME.

[Something that really happened; Written on 25th September 2009]


  1. couldn't agree more..... we, as MBAs, take pride in 'basking in the glory' of the solutions(?) provided by us..... but complexity is thy name..... we overlook small things..... hope this post will serve as a 'case study'..... no BCG matrices please :)

  2. well said... speechless to agree to this complementing (and hence, also complimenting) comment! :)

  3. "It's me", is my signature. turning it to "it was ME" is copyright infringement. I can sue u for this, but, I prefer out of court settlement. ;)
    I give you a choice to pick from. :P

  4. Lolz! I thought it was a comment on the blog but you surely are pursuing MBA in a true sense... Quite evident! ;P