Monday, September 22, 2008

The Passing Cloud!

People come and people go,
Life, indeed, has its own flow.
Nobody ever stops for you,
And so, nobody should stop you.

Some people come like a breeze of cool air,
And add more colours to your life,
But when they go, life’s like a nightmare,
More of a pain, sufferings and strife.

But it’s just a matter of time,
And then the pain will be rime,
Always existent but never alive,
Like a body, but the soul skive.

It gets quite difficult to let go of each bit,
But either now or later, you have to quit,
Sooner the better, you’ll be relieved of the pain,
May be a lot to lose, but then ‘peace to gain’.

Just take each incident as a beautiful dream,
Do not blubber and do not scream!
Let people come and let people go,
Enjoy your life and enjoy the flow!

[Composed by Me (“Nidhi Bagdia”) on 22nd September, 2008]


  1. Great work.. Turning into a Poet huh!

  2. This poem made me walk this long highway with loadz of memories burried behind me.... A great theme garlanded with beautiful words... Keep it going :)

  3. Thanks! Nice to know it touches a chord in your heart!! :)

  4. hey superb yaar..simply have understood life .. it will take years for many people to understand it..,.it seems that u ve learned a lot in ur life..gud 4 u.... :)...keep writing...let ur pen sheds more sweet poems:)

  5. ya buddy, will try to make my pen keep shedding more sweet poems :)

    n bout life... yeah, u r right again.... i try to learn as much as i can 'coz i believe "experience is the best teacher" :)