Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Of Heights and Depths...

We all want to rise high, really really high!
We wish to erect sky-scrapers and look at the world from great heights. We wish to fly high in our careers and climb high on the corporate ladder. We have high expectations from our relationships and wish to take them to great heights too, don’t we?

Tall buildings, great careers, wonderful relationships… They all have something in common… And that’s depth!

Yes, for all these heights are based on great depths.

Higher you aim for your careers, you cannot ignore the depth of knowledge and efforts of hard-work that go in to it. Taller the building, deeper is the foundation required to make the building strong. If the foundation isn’t deep enough, the building wouldn’t be strong to be able to reach and sustain at the desired heights. So is the case with relationships. When we dream of big and great relationships, we need to base their foundation with equally deep emotions, care, feelings, commitments and dedication. Deeper the care and dedication, stronger becomes the relationship to withstand the troubles of time.

The tornado of problems which tries to shake relationships time and again- can pass without shattering them only if the strength is sufficient. The earth-quakes of conflicting egos which are capable of turning everything into dust wouldn’t be able to destroy your relationship-castle, only if you’ve built a base that’s strong enough to make this earth-quake bite the dust.

Heights are good, we all desire them and will be able to achieve them, if only, we do not forget the depths and make consistent efforts to strengthen our constructions for sustaining those heights.


  1. I can understand what you are saying. And yes, deep strong foundations are essential. But foundation strength is also dependent on the ground structure. Weak and loose soils are no good and not the deepest of foundations can hold. I think I am making my opinion sound clear. Relationships are mutual and strong cohesion is the key. However, one of the partners needs to be strong to provide base for the other. Now this is where relationships actually falter. The career crazy lunatics, who for self interests use the ground below don't realize the fact that the soils might refuse to adhere.

    Remember me saying something about we rather than me :).

    Well! I just got a bit carried away with the writing. Its the post that ignites the writer withing. Great going... Cheers!

  2. Finally after a lot of pondering, i'm able to put my reply into words.
    You are right. The foundation is impossible without the ground structure. What i have written in this post is the process is followed after what you have described here. Once the ground structure is found feasible to build, only then the foundations can be laid.
    Thanks for a prelude to my post.
    I'd like to suggest you to start a blog of your own :)
    Hoping to read from you... Cheers! :)