Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Reason...

Many a times you feel very happy or sad, so much so that it shows up in every thing you do. You might not care about what people around you think of whatever you do in that flow of the feeling. You might just sing loudly, dance around, walk with a sway, giggle and chuckle, crack stupid jokes or sit quietly with a long face, not respond to conversations properly, be gloomy even in an environment of total fun.

In either of the cases, people around you who care about you would ask you the reason for your happiness or sadness. And you wouldn't mind telling them provided that you knew the reason yourself. And then you start thinking about the reason why you feel that way.

I feel one should try to find the reason for sadness only and not that of one's happiness. The logic is simple. Why do you need to know the reason of your happiness when you are already happy? You should figure out the reason for your sadness because that helps you understand the problem that's the root cause of your sadness. And once you know the problem, you might try to solve it or compromise with it. 

Now, if you feel you should know the reason for your happiness so that you could make it recur time and again... Think about it again! Don't you anyways know what makes you happy? Are there really so less things that make you happy that you would like to repeat the reasons of your happiness time and again?? Can you actually control things around you so much that you manage to make that reason recur??? 

Seriously, do you need to waste your time trying to figure out the reason instead of enjoying the state of your happiness? Is it really worth those precious moments??

So, now you know when to look within yourself for 'the reason'... 

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