Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life is how “YOU” Make It!

Some times when I look back in my life,
Browsing through the fun and the strife,
I find myself smiling with joy,
And at times, tears flow out of annoy!

Life, as all say, is a journey,
Ups and downs, and joys and sorrows.
While I feel proud of myself sometimes,
I also regret and feel ashamed at times.

It’s always a wish to go back in time,
And do things that wouldn’t make me whine.
I want to go back and enjoy the good moments,
And correct my mistakes, even if they were dormant.

“Life is a Bitch!”- Many people say,
‘Coz they think- ‘tis not happy and gay.
But I have a different opinion; so I say,
“Only in Sunshine is made the Hay!”

Life is how “YOU” make it,
No matter what ‘it’ tries to make you.
We are not here to get lost in the flow,
But to take what we get and still Glow!

[Composed by Me (“Nidhi Bagdia”) on 25th June, 2008]


  1. Hmmm. Nice. Hope your tears flow out of annoy for real from next time onwards.

    You know you compose poems as if you have suffered so much in ur life.

    Go hug your dad n thank em for everything.

  2. Well, i should be the one to be hugged by myself. What say?

  3. Good to write poems to impress ppl but peep inside ur heart first.

  4. What I've felt,What I've known
    Never shined through in what I've shown

    Let me fight the battle fiercely then...

  5. beautiful words!

    not much of a writer myself...but love reading....hence cant help but appreciate d beautiful words u've penned....

    pls keep d beautiful words flowing...

  6. Thanks for the compliments, Pradeep! Will try to keep writin :)

  7. it was ok.with what I read in last that is only truth..and it looks like -ve shades were more in ur I wil say its there everywhere..just make the happy moods only part of ur memory..

  8. Just like many others, i wonder why you also feel that i'm unhappy wid my life n all that.. i'm a happy-go-lucky person who glows despite of watever comes my way! I'm always cheered up :)

  9. under this beautiful was written " composed by nidhi" would be better if it is " life composed by nidhi" :)...i guess u gotta desire of having a rewind button in ur life:)....i feel "live every moment" words are hidden but it can be felt...

  10. i like the way you interpret my poems :)
    i believe, almost every person desires a rewind button in life :)
    Thanks for the great compliments friend :)

  11. Hey little flower!
    There's loads of optimism in those lines. I was afraid of looking back in time fearing of the mistakes I made in past. But these stanzas made me repent.

    And to tell you the truth, this is one of the very few poems that I have read and one of the fewest that have made me think. :)

  12. OMG! Now you're calling me by that name even on my blog :)
    I'm happy that my first poem made you think so much... pat on back :)