Monday, December 14, 2009

Bleeding foot-prints in the memory…

I and my friends discuss quite often about how it gets so difficult to overcome emotional wounds, how it seems so impossible to forget your past relationships even when you have moved-on after the break-up, how you keep remembering those hurting words no matter how much you want to forget them, how long-lost thoughts of some bad incidents keep refreshing in your memory out of nowhere. Why is it that even when you want to stop yourself from thinking about something, its thoughts hunt you down and haunt your memory successfully? Why do we always fail to completely eliminate the troubling elements from our minds?? Are we really that weak???

I came up with a simple logic which turned out to be a convincing solution of this mystery. Probably because we touch our computer-keyboards much more than the human-touch in our lives, we tend to understand the functioning of the former better than the latter. And hence we take it granted for our memory to function the way the computer does. Anyways, so my logic says that the reason to this inability of human beings to forget unwanted things completely is:
“We are human beings and not computers. And there is no ‘Shift+Delete’ in humans!!”

[P.S.: For those who don’t know what ‘Shift+Delete’ is, I have a solution for you too:
Open the C drive of your computer, then press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘A’ simultaneously, after that press ‘Shift’ and ‘Delete’ simultaneously, and then finally press ‘Enter’]


  1. Hey, thanks for this clear demarcation of real and virtual existence. It at times easier in virtual world, but that SHIFT+DEL suggestion of from you wasn't so pleasing either (Had a rough time getting my system going good after the act with lots of lost memories :()
    Still I feel there is a nice humane touch to this article, which should appeal to every heart that ever has heard that special beat ;).

  2. ha ha ha... so 'tech'noy actually tried it!! Lolz!!

  3. nice one...touching...supported by out-of-the-box logic

  4. Its not about shift+delete. The things you would want to let go are the ones which you never want to lose... I know what I wrote doesnt make sense but think about it.
    Some thought can be found at

  5. @Archit: Thanks buddy!

    @mtaram: No Utkarsh, i do not agree with you here. Prolly d contexts are totally different, so cant really discuss it.

  6. I can understand and its better to leave somethings unsaid

  7. i dunno wat u can understand... but doesnt matter!