Monday, February 8, 2010


I close my eyes when my body is tired,
From a long day, even the sun has retired,
I struggle to sleep peacefully every night,
I have no more energy to carry this fight.

I know when I'm gonna be ignorantly sleeping,
So many earthlings would die weeping,
I fear when I'll sleep, and I'll start dreaming,
Would I be fine or wake up screaming??

Oh God! Why couldn't you create a happy world?
Why does it live like orphans, your own world?
Why does the dawn bring so many fears?
Why do all the eyes have so many tears?

Oh Almighty, your world is so unfair,
Its filled with darkness and a strange scare,
The poor die serving the rich who get richer,
Can't you see it overflows, their Gold-pitcher?

Every morning when I read the news,
I hope no inhumanity, my eye views,
I tremble restlessly, your own daughter,
Thinking of every murder and slaughter.

Give me some comfort, show me some miracle,
For once through my cheeks, let tears of joy trickle.
Let my eyes see beautiful smiles,
On every face, across the miles.

You know every hour to you I pray,
Adopt this world, I feel its stray.
Oh dear God! You have all the might,
Grant me a peaceful sleep, at least one night!


  1. Amen!
    The second stanza... touched me deep within.
    And after a long time as far as I remember, this is something different. No more relationships, I mean cause and effect stuff.
    This time I am happy to see not a snap, but a reflection of Nidhi I know.


  2. Thanks a lot for this comment... honestly, it touched me deep within too. The second para of ur comment of course!
    Yes, wat u write does reflect wat u are and how u feel... it was really difficult to compose dis poem coz bruised feelings are difficult to present... i still feel dis poem doesnt encompass every feeling of mine but i couldnt convert more feelings into words...
    N yeah, thanks for knowing me to that level :)

  3. happen to come across ur blog.. nice post.. touched me to the core.. :-)