Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Cutest Irony in this World...

The Cutest irony in this world is that the Cutest of guys either do not believe that they are Cute or simply deny to agree to the fact that they are Cute despite knowing that they are damn Cute... And the Cutest thing is that they really are unaware of the fact that when they try to oppose saying "Shut up, i'm not 'Cute', OK!!", it makes them all the more Cute and this Cuteness is simply too Cute to resist the temptation of pulling their cheeks and saying it again "Awww!! Choooooooo Cute!!!"

Dedicated to all the Cute guys i know!

P.S. Guys, please don't get offended when girls say you are Cute. Girls simply love Cute things and Cute people. Its a wrong belief you have that the adjective 'Cute' is so-not-a-guy-thing.

P.P.S. Its okay even if you deny you're Cute, because it simply makes you all the more Cute and Adorable

[My true belief after knowing quite a few Cute guys... Wanted to post this since long ago but was waiting for Valentine's Day... Wish you a very very Happy Valentine's Day... I dedicate Valentine's Day to Cute guys]


  1. Today I know the reason, why I had those strained cheeks. But still guys are not cute okay :P

  2. well.. ur strained cheeks say it for u already!! :P