Monday, March 22, 2010

Lost in the Barren!

In this endless, scary desert- I'm an only Rose,
To be here in this place, I never ever chose,
The days are very hot and nights really cold,
All my pains and sorrows, remain untold...

I guess I lost my way, while searching for something,
Look where I am now, there's absolutely nothing,
The nature's too harsh on me, I am really delicate,
The wonderland of my dreams- how do I locate?

I desire some tiny drops, don't ask for a shower,
I'm content with a little, an innocent flower,
I feel really helpless, I am a dainty rose,
Everything's too strong for me; An over-dose.

I always thought I was pretty and lovely,
I was meant to be merry and not lonely,
I'm still being strong, trying hard to cope,
Waiting for you- my only ray of hope!

I tremble seeing scorpions- away even a mile,
And then to feel strong, I think of your smile,
The Prince of My Dreams, My Knight in Shining Armour,
Ride on your White Horse, And come to me- My Charmer!

I have to keep holding on, cant even unwind,
The moment I let loose, to me the storms will grind,
Come here and take me, before I give hope away
Just don't be too late, I know you're on your way!

I know I have not been perfect, well- nobody is,
But for my imperfection, I do not deserve this,
Take me out of this desert, I'm Only-Your-Blue-Rose,
Despite all the distance, my heart feels you're so close!

[Thanks a lot Chinu for creating this picture for my post on request]


  1. very well written. Thoughtful and sensitive. Suits perrfect for someone who has seen internal turmoil and yet looks calm and composed to the world. The fight and the life that we all live. Perfect. Hope u write more of such thoughtful poems

  2. Hey its rily nice nad touching...i never knew u write so well...well done..