Saturday, May 1, 2010

Is it really you!!!

My heart just skipped a beat or two,
Is it really You? Please tell me true!

Did my world just turn bright?
Or is it a Star-studded night?

Are you really walking up to me?
Or is it the breeze caressing me?

Have your hair just brushed through my fingers?
I feel the softness of silk & wish it always lingers

Have your tantalizing eyes at me really looked?
I feel like in wonderfulness, I'm totally hooked

Is that twinkle in your eyes innate?
Or did a delusion you create?

Is it yours- the charming smile that makes my knees weak?
And with that set of perfect lips, can you really speak?

Was that yours- That gentle touch?
Which entranced me, Oh! So much!!

Did you really whisper in my ear?
Or a sweetly tinkling bell I hear?

Are you someone for real or a fascinating dream?
Are you created by my psyche or the Supreme?

When I open my eyes, would you be here or gone?
My heart somehow feels, for sure you're not a con!

If you're just a wonderful dream, I want it to cease never ever!
To live my most beautiful dream, I'm ready to slumber for ever!!