Thursday, July 7, 2011

Being A Spinster!!!

I lean over the window-pane,
And glance along the below lane,
I take a small sip from my glass of wine,
And silently wish someone was mine!

When I had the time to choose a mate,
I never bothered and left it to my fate,
Every man that came my way,
I always ensured he moved away.

Not that I had never felt the same,
But I thought being in love was lame,
I wish I had never imposed this ban,
Without an exception, on every man!

Now I wish I had someone all mine,
Who could share with me, this glass of wine!
Even if he were away, several hundred miles,
He would at least call me, giving me smiles!

As I see the clouds getting ready to rain,
I wish I had someone to share my pain,
Someone with whom in these rains I'd drench,
And on turning cold, his fist I'd clench!

I see the old couple in the neighborhood,
They seem together forever, since childhood,
Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a companion?
Who'd ride the bike of life, with you as a pillion!

The young couple is dancing in the rainy street,
And they seem to be enjoying it, like a great treat,
While I think I'm going to be alone every night,
I hold my wine glass, all the more tight!

I wish I gave a thought when the world said,
Staying alone could feel like life is unpaid,
I wish I took things in the right sense then,
When I had a space in the hearts of many men!

But I chose to take the road that was less taken,
Why didn't at the right time, my mind awaken?
Who's going to accept me now with these wrinkles and sags?
Apart from this bottle of wine and a few fags?

Wish I realized how important it was to have someone,
To wait for him to come home, to be his loved one!
When I hear the young lady upstairs moan,
With all my senses, I deeply mourn!

Who will forever take care of my needs?
Who will gift me necklace of metal and beads?
Will I always have to let my thoughts remain unspoken?
The glass accidentally slips from my hand, it is broken!

The fall of the glass, makes me utter a scream,
Oh! I was sleeping, and this was just a dream.
It is time hurry up and get ready for my new date,
And I know my nightmare is not going to be my fate.


  1. I'm speechless.. its just wonderful, so much so a spinster can relate to..

  2. There are days when you want to wake up to the warmth of your wifey's smile. But then, all one wakes up to after getting married is cuss sworn under her breath.

  3. @Aditi: Thanks :)

    @Gautam: Not everybody is as lucky as others :)

  4. So this protagonist got a GPL instead of doling out one had she not been a snob?

  5. She wasn't a snob prolly... mayb just not interested... anyhow, it was a dream... plus, u may have n number of interpretations! :)

  6. btw.. it is all a question of Choice.. and these dreams can come to anyone.. who want to travel the road less travelled. @gautam - the protagonist(Settler) must be too high for any reacher to reach