Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Perfectly Imperfect!!!

I have been a perfectionist all my life,
And dreamt of creating a perfect life,
I have always wanted everything just right,
And wanted to avoid otherwise, that might!

Dreaming of perfection is not at all a bad thing,
What's wrong if you can cook, dance and sing?
Things should either be perfect or simply absent,
This is the attitude that took my brains on rent!

I dreamt of perfect happiness and perfect smiles,
I dreamt of perfect people spread across the miles,
I dreamt of perfection spreading like forest fires,
I dreamt of happiness for all, which never ever retires!

And, whenever I woke up to reality's claps,
I felt my dreams had set for me - these traps,
Then I tried to analyze the authentic situation,
I tried to decipher the subsistence of perfection!

And I realized perfection is just hallucination,
More like a ghost, it's just this mind's illusion!
Perfection doesn't exist, it's simply impossible,
Imperfection is much more honest and plausible!

Life comes full circle, but that circle isn't perfect!
The prospect of a perfect world, itself is imperfect!
That's why life has its own imperfect way,
Around Perfection, it doesn't at all sway!

Only in dreams, is life a pathway of rose-petals,
The reality also consists of thorns and metals,
I'm contented I'm not perfect; at least I'm genuine,
In my own world of imperfections, I'm the queen!

I feel Perfection is simply for intuitive adoring,
Perfection in reality could be truly madly boring,
In being imperfect, I guess, lies all the fun,
I'm so glad I'm a Perfectly Imperfect One!!!


  1. We always strive to be perfect in our life, be it prof or personal to impress others and satisfy our egos.We even seek perfection in the stuff we buy, partner we want eg we buy iPhone :)(even that is imperfect)
    You are right when you mention Perfection itself is a dream, a hallucination. The current state of imperfection only forces one to go for that perfection one strives for as at that time one feels that if he gets that or becomes that, life will be perfect. But it never is and never will be.