Thursday, August 21, 2008

Close Your Hearts!

You were born alone,
You will die alone;
When it’s always ‘You Only’,
Why do you ever feel ‘lonely’?

There are so many people you meet,
Some pass silently, while others greet.
You might feel people are well-wishing for you,
But in reality, such people are very few.

This world is a selfish place,
And they’d slow you down to increase their pace.
You might realize it too late,
What damage they’ve done who say you’re their ‘mate’!

Most people pretend to be your friends,
But, only to meet their selfish ends.
Believe everyone, but keep your eyes open,
To Survive- “Close your Hearts; Only Brains Open!”

[Composed by Me (“Nidhi Bagdia”) on 20th August, 2008 (20.08.2008) ]


  1. U r Right, Cut-throat society... Am too fed up to Open my brains tho...
    wat say?

  2. its jus a matter of time, always! i kno its an irony but that's d truth!! never give up... u've only one life to live... stop existing, start living!!!

  3. showing love with out any expectation is god...its quite difficult to find god
    ..ur right in saying "close the heart and open the brain" so that we dont want to waste our time in searching god.....

  4. well, all i'd say is you've a different interpretation of this poem... n dat's beautiful :)