Saturday, January 21, 2012

To my best man!

I am getting married in a week,
I know that makes you go weak,
You happened to be the first man in my life,
And now I’m going to be someone else’s wife,
Not that it’ll change the facts about you and me,
But still, quite different, everything will be!

All that happiness portrayed by your smile,
And then those sudden rushes of your bile,
It is obvious how you struggle with yourself,
To accept that I’ll be a trophy of another’s shelf!

You will remain special, just like you’ve always been,
I will always love you, and this, I really really mean!

I will never forget the special moments we shared,
When we showed each other how much we cared,
When we fought bitterly over what’s wrong and right,
And then to sort it out, we hugged each other tight!

Remember how I hugged you and slept like a little one?
Did you then figure out, I’ll be taken away by someone?
Remember how you’d compliment me when I’d cook?
I used to browse for hours together, that recipe book!

When I left the town to study further, I knew you were upset,
But then you understood, it was for a good career’s onset,
Months after months, I kept staying away from you,
And then at times I rushed back- just to be with you,
But whenever came the time to go away again,
Only your eyes showed the separation’s pain!

Your have never been able to speak about your feelings clearly,
But your actions have always conveyed that you love me dearly!

I still remember the look on your face when I got engaged,
I saw the complexity of the smile you had managed,
Down through your cheeks when came those tears,
They clearly expressed all your emotions and fears!

The ceremonies of my wedding, when you will witness,
I can very well imagine the level of your stress,
And when you will put my hand in his hand,
With a trembling body, you’ll manage to stand!

And I still wouldn’t know whether to be happy or sad,
This rush of mixed emotions has made me totally mad!

Sometimes when I look at your face, my mind gets bare,
It questions me, about you, how much did I care?
One moment I feel that I completely understand you,
Another moment I don’t know if I even know you!

Just like you, I’m not good with expressing too,
But I love you a lot, and you know it, don’t you?

The thought of being away from you brings me tears in a moment,
If imagination is so horrifying, reality will be one hell of a torment!

May be we were meant to be away from each other,
But our love is pure and strong, please don’t bother,
I know you feel you won’t have rights on me after I’m wedded,
But trust me- our rights on each other are forever embedded!

The greatest of poets would fail to describe our affinity,
To share our sweetest memories, we will need eternity!

Our relationship is always going to be the most special one,
Nobody can ever replace you in my heart, absolutely no one!
It doesn’t matter that I’ll be called “his wife”,
You will always be the best man of my life!!

We aren’t the only couple, who’ll face this separation- hardship,
This misfortune is a part of every father-daughter relationship,
But when hearts are near, these distances won’t matter,
Our love is the strongest, it will never ever shatter!


  1. //But when hearts are near,
    these distances won’t matter,

    Why for fear ?
    when hearts are near !!

    All our Best Blessings for a very Happy Married Life.

    subbu rathinam.

  2. I like this poem. I've been following your blogs and reads it whenever I have time. I really like this one!